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Hello all, the Desire Den Demo will be back before the weekend is over with much better quality than the initial release. I have to stomp quite a few bugs today! - Frosted Brain 4/11/2020 at 12 PM TX time. 



Find The Full Game Here!

Desire Den is also on Steam!

Desire Den is a PC and Virtual Reality experience focused on gawking smutty anthro creatures. Why? Well. For your pleasure, of course ;> Desire Den features standalone PC, VR and Android versions all in one package! 

(No VR Demo Yet)

PC and Mobile specific features include:

-Talk to the creatures in Desire Den with new Dialogue trees updated regularly 

-Eight fully animated Intimate interactions if you play your cards right

-Easter Eggs and cool secrets. Maybe a dragon egg or two. 

Desire Den is constantly updated. We're gonna keep this party going!


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Hello! One question. How can I get the demo? I can't find it :(

Hi, there is no demo that reflects the current release. I do have public builds of the upcoming remastered version on my Patreon. 




Hello there. I've been trying to find a PC demo to try the game with before purchase, yet anywhere I look it seems to be focused on the VR demo. Was the PC demo removed?


This is just...awful. The game has potential, but what porn based game with even a scrap of effort doesn't? The game is buggy as hell as soon as you load in, and it being a Demo only makes that worse. You're supposed to show the quality of your product and make people want it, not turn them away due to the lack of polish. 

You're immediately greeted by a pink gal named....Pinkie...and upon activating the sex scene, are immediately thrown into it, but then kicked out upon progressing dialogue. This isn't intentional considering you can watch your character continue having intercourse. When you interact on it, it then puts you into a scene where your camera just bobs back and forth as you watch "humping", which is just a dreadfully basic loop of hips going back and forth. There is no variance, and no finishing sequence. You just go in, then exit. 

Upon reloading the level to make sure I wasn't missing out on any mentioned controls, I also managed to talk to Pinkie and get the game stuck in the Chat perspective while my character moved around and was unable to progress the dialogue. I also wasn't able to fix this without another reload.

Probably the worst offender of this game is the most typical sign of a careless Unity dev. Your mouse cursor isn't bound to the game. This means that while you look around in this First Person game, your mouse will continually exit the game's screen and go onto any other tabs or monitors you have. 

That being said, these aren't issues exclusive to the demo. One read through the few Mixed reviews on Steam, you'll see that those who paid for this game also encounter them. 

Awful game. Awful demo. Likely made by a dev who's just here for some quick cash. 


Hello, thanks for your interest in my product. I apologize for the bugs in my demo. I really appreciate you for letting me know about the demo bugs. I try to do my best balancing my personal life and my business life since I am a solo developer but I will spare you the details. 

Bottom line is the demo was very much rushed in an effort to increase sales when I was really in need of money. Absolutely. I should have taken much more time on it especially play testing.

Desire Den was supposed to go so much further than it is now in it's current stage and it still is supposed to be but there is only so much one person can do on their own while juggling the real world.

Regardless I know that my products demo will be a reflection of my effort to the uninformed. 

You are so sure I am an asset flipper and that really left a bad taste in my mouth. I spent so long making this game and maintaining it on my own. I apologize for my lack of professionalism but there is a human behind the keyboard that sometimes needs to get away from the one thing keeping them afloat. 

Thank you once more for giving me some insight on my product's demo from the consumer's perspective. 

I hope to someday earn you as a supporter. 


Replies like yours, especially to such harsh scrutiny, show a lot of good qualities from a developer. Owning up to the short comings the way that you did/do makes things more forgivable, but despite that, the demo is still all I personally have to go on (along with likely many others) for forming an opinion. At the end of the day, this is what people coming in will see, experience and decide on. That being said, it seems like you really do care, and perhaps at some point, the demo and game alike will shape up to be all that you hope. 

Thank you for taking the time to reply, it helps keep the game from seeming like just another hit and run on the 18+ game market. If I ever see your demo get updated, I'll be sure to give it another go and reassess my review. I hope your vision is able to take shape, and good luck.